Melania Watch

Dream from the White Chamber

By Andrej Mrevlje |

After a couple of years of effort to discover the secret life of Melania Trump – alias Melanija Knavs – turned almost into a kind of fiction reporting, I nearly gave up. Melania is not a story, she should be left alone, trapped in her golden prison and respecting whatever contract she might have with her husband, now the President of the United States. But since I am also Slovenian, as the American First Lady is, or was, I still foster a hope that one day she will wake up and tell us her story. She owes us a story, as she is in the most privileged place to unearth the mystery of this country, once the strongest in the world. And while we are waiting for her words, FLOTUS Melania, at least she showed us her infant dream, perhaps the only reason why she wanted to get to the place where she is now. At the age of the 47, she is the sweetest and one of the most privileged girls in this world.

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