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An idea that describes a distant place, just beyond immediate understanding.

Yonder News is a site where global events from far and near will be connected to a new narrative.

In the Internet age, newspapers are getting too small to carry all the words and ideas that journalists have to offer or to use the global talent that is just waiting to be tapped. Papers have their editors and corporations to follow. With the need to make money, very few of them are still talking about big stories. Yet there is an ocean of news and good writing that does not fit any of existing paradigms or conventional media outlets. After spending months searching and diving in this ocean, I have created Yonder to provide a more comprehensive and synthetic version of the news.

Do not expect breaking news from me. I will not try to tell you what is right or wrong. I will not just repeat straightforward mainstream news – news that I presume you know already. But I’ll pull in the best reporting, reasoning, and write from wherever it occurs. The world is changing tremendously fast, so we need to keep up to date with an ever-changing horizon. Our sources and networks constantly shift with events. Yonder News will help you find those sources.

AndrejPhoto by: John Currie

Andrej Mrevlje is a Slovenian-born journalist who has covered global developments for the past quarter-century for print and broadcast media. Now based in New York, he has previously reported from China, Pakistan, North Korea, Mongolia, Italy and the Balkans, among others. He has covered a wide range of topics, from China’s repression of Tibet and the rise of Islamic fundamentalism to Barack Obama’s landmark first election and the death of Pope John Paul II. Educated in Ljubljana, Beijing, and Paris, he speaks six languages and is interested, among other topics, in the rise and fall of competing for global powers.

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