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The Final Burial of Homs

By Andrej Mrevlje |
Illustration of Homs by Louis-François Cassas. The artist in the foreground is shown sketching the Citadel of Homs, surrounded by his guards and the inquisitive locals

This video, recorded by a drone flying low above the streets of the death city of Homs, is devastating. Homs, an ancient trade center during the Egyptian and Hittite Empires, and a long-time Roman colony, survived the Arab Caliphate and the rule of the Ottoman Empire. Under the ruins of this wasteland displayed through the drone’s camera, lies a big piece of human history. The “rebellious” population of Homs has departed – dead or scattered around Europe. Twenty-first century man destroyed a city that centuries of human endeavor had built. Many lives and homes were lost forever.

How could we do this ?

At the end of last year, the Syrian government and the rebels finally came to a peace agreement and prisoners were exchanged. But from that time on, the only  source of  information out of already destroyed city became Russia (Russia helps the Syrian dictator Bashar  al-Assad). In this dispatch from last month, Sputnik even mentioned a possible revival of Homs. That suggestion moved from implausible to farcical when someone , somehow found something more to be bombed in already destroyed  Homs , as Sputnik reported. Almost at the same time,  Russian Insider bragged that Moscow continued to pound the area with bombs. So after all this, a few days ago we got the video, published on the web sites of major western media outlets but now only available on the RT The source of the video, again, is Russian. The video is silent which fits perfectly with the images.  For a glimpse you can only see one person walking amidst the total devastation. The rest is in shambles , ruins of a once famous civilization. If there are any humans left living in this ghost town, they are not to be seen. If they are there, they must live like rats, in cellars, hiding from the bombs and drones.

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