The Burdens Of Biking

By Andrej Mrevlje |

Coming across this video of what was almost a terrible accident for a biker in China’s Jiangsu province, I was pondering what recently happened to me, near my home, in New York’s Central Park. My accident was actually much less treacherous, yet I ended up in the emergency room with a fractured forearm, a concussion and a smattering of cuts and bruises. I am doing fine and recovering miraculously quickly. But though the pain is diminishing and the bruises resolving, I still had to write this week’s newsletter with one hand – my left, unfortunately. I hope my laborious writing method is not reflected in this week’s reading! I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking about whether to continue to bike in Central Park  in the future. This lovely place, where even Bono of U2 broke his shoulder and arm biking last year, sometimes seems to be getting as chaotic and crowded as the wild highways in China. I hope I am wrong.   

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