Civil Rights

Hegel, Disney and Parenthood

By Andrej Mrevlje |

A month and a half ago Yonder was among the first to compare the Confederate with the Nazi flag and suggest that it should be pulled down. It happened. The big Confederate flag in front of the State House of South Carolina has been replaced with the flag of the United States.

This will not (yet) stop the hatred of whites against blacks and the fear of the latter. So we should dig further and point out obstacles which prevent progress towards a more just and less polarized society. Five years ago Cosmic Hoboes posted a blog on how Epcot theme park in Disney World does not include sub-Saharan Africa. If you want to show your kids anything related to Africa while visiting Disney World, you have to go to a different theme park. It is called Animal Kingdom. Since the situation hasn’t changed 5 years later, I am sending around this blog to read again. It’s time for some action.

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